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Jeff Suess's interest in history is evident in his writing, including his fiction.

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Cincinnati Then and Now

ISBN 978-1911595007

Cincinnati Then and Now shows how the city, which was once the sixth largest in the country, has developed and changed over the last 150 years, using fascinating archive photos matched with the same viewpoint today. This book takes readers through the city's storied history and vibrant culture, beginning at Fountain Square, the heart of the city, to Carew Tower, Albee Theater, Post Office, Sixth Street Market, Old Main Library, Union Terminal, Music Hall, Mount Adams Incline, Eden Park, Time Hill, and Cincinnati Gardens.

Pavilion Books

Hidden History of Cincinnati

ISBN 978-14671198984

So many colorful stories are lost to time. The last passenger pigeon on earth, Martha, died in the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914. The deadliest maritime disaster in American history was the explosion of the steamboat Sultana, built in the Queen City. Just outside the city, a young Annie Oakley beat her future husband in a shooting contest. The nations first train robbery occurred in the Cincinnati area, and some clever victims hid jewelry in their hair and bodices. From the Black Brigades role in protecting the city against Confederate siege to the original 1937 Cincinnati Bengals, author Jeff Suess reveals the triumphs and tribulations of the first major American city founded after the American Revolution.


The History Press

Lost Cincinnati

ISBN 978-1626195752

Cincinnati earned its nickname of “Queen City of the West” with a wealth of fine theaters and hotels, a burgeoning brewery district and the birth of professional baseball. Though many of these treasures have vanished, they left an indelible mark on the city. Revisit the favorite locales from old Coney Island to Crosley Field. Celebrate lost gems such as the palatial Albee Theater and the historic Burnet House, where Generals Grant and Sherman plotted the end of the Civil War. Along the way, author Jeff Suess uncovers some uniquely Cincinnati quirks from the inclines and the canal to the infamous incomplete subway. Join Suess as he delves into the mystery and legacy of Cincinnati’s lost landmarks.


The History Press

Torn Realities

ISBN 978-0615627113

Torn Realities is a horror anthology working on the themes of H.P. Lovecraft's classic works, although this is not a typical Cthulhu anthology. The stories "seek the gray area in horror with tales of regular people in irregular situations."


Includes Jeff Suess's story, "Hallowed Ground," about an unlikely friendship during the Civil War, and the classic Clive Barker tale, "Rawhead Rex."


Post Mortem Press

Mon Coeur Mort (My Dead Heart)

ISBN 978-0615512570

Mon Coeur Mort offeres tales of the darker side of romance.


Includes Jeff Suess's story, "Dark Forest," a dark fairy tale.


Post Mortem Press

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds IV

ISBN 978-0743411318

An anthology of Star Trek fiction written by fans. Includes Jeff Suess's Star Trek: The Next Generation story, "Seeing Forever."


Pocket Books

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