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An Illustrated Timeline


The Cincinnati Bengals shocked the NFL with their run to Super Bowl LVI in 2022, reigniting the team’s fan base. Sparked by the exciting play of Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase, Bengaldom roared the loudest since Boomer Esiason and the Ickey Shuffle rocked the Jungle. In The Cincinnati Bengals: An Illustrated Timeline, authors Jeff Suess and Rick Pender guide fans young and old to the biggest games and greatest players that shaped the history of the Bengals franchise. Return to the earliest days when football legend Paul Brown founded the Bengals after being fired from the Cleveland Browns and the grudge matches when the teams met. Learn about quarterback phenom Greg Cook, whose career was tragically cut short. Experience the thrill of three Super Bowl appearances and shiver through one of the coldest games in NFL history. Through the photos and stories of the timeline you will meet the most celebrated players to wear the stripes and the young stars of the dynamic 2021 team that took the league by storm.

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TOMORROWLAND: The Past, Present, and Future of Disney's Most Changed Land


When Disneyland opened in 1955, Tomorrowland re­flected Walt Disney’s optimism for a great big beautiful tomorrow with the promise of atomic age technology and everyday rocket trips to the moon. Then the present caught up to the future, so Walt had to tear it down and start again. To stay ahead, Tomorrowland has been upgraded and redefined for each new generation, from the New Tomorrowland in 1967 to the boldly different Discoveryland, and beyond.

In this history of Tomorrowland, you’ll see how Disney inspired America’s interest in going to space, how Walt’s futurism progressed from theme parks to his experimental community EPCOT, and why the search for a timeless tomorrow has shifted from science factual to the science-fiction worlds of Star Wars and Buzz Lightyear. Learn stories behind Space Mountain and other classic Tomorrowland attractions, plus gone but not forgotten favorites such as the House of the Future and Adventure Thru Inner Space, and see what the future holds for the world of tomorrow.

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Cincinnati: An Illustrated Timeline presents the pivotal moments in the history of the Queen City. Follow along from the indigenous mound builders to the development of the first American city after the Revolutionary War. Through vignettes and hundreds of photographs and illustrations, author and historian Jeff Suess serves as your guide through the blossoming of a Western river town into a meatpacking Porkopolis and one of the most influential cities of the mid-nineteenth century. The timeline is multifaceted, exploring politics and race, the arts and pop culture, while also unveiling Cincinnati’s role in the Underground Railroad, the spread of Reform Judaism, and the development of the polio vaccine. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a curious traveler, Cincinnati: An Illustrated Timeline will help you learn, remember, and discover more than you ever knew about Cincinnati.




Cincinnati was the first all-American city founded after the Revolutionary War. Steamboats navigated the Ohio River from 1811 and within a few years, Cincinnati was a bustling trading port and a leader in shipbuilding and meatpacking, an industry which provided raw materials for Procter & Gamble and Emery. Cincinnati Then and Now shows how the city, which was once the sixth largest in the country, has developed and changed over the last 150 years, using fascinating archive photos matched with the same viewpoint today. 



So many colorful stories are lost to time. The last passenger pigeon on earth, Martha, died in the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914. The deadliest maritime disaster in American history was the explosion of the steamboat Sultana, built in the Queen City. Just outside the city, a young Annie Oakley beat her future husband in a shooting contest. The nation’s first train robbery occurred in the Cincinnati area, and some clever victims hid jewelry in their hair and bodices. From the Black Brigade’s role in protecting the city against Confederate siege to the original 1937 Cincinnati Bengals, author Jeff Suess reveals the triumphs and tribulations of the first major American city founded after the American Revolution.

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Cincinnati earned its nickname of “Queen City of the West” with a wealth of fine theaters and hotels, a burgeoning brewery district and the birth of professional baseball. Though many of these treasures have vanished, they left an indelible mark on the city. Revisit the favorite locales from old Coney Island to Crosley Field. Celebrate lost gems such as the palatial Albee Theater and the historic Burnet House, where Generals Grant and Sherman plotted the end of the Civil War. Along the way, author Jeff Suess uncovers some uniquely Cincinnati quirks from the inclines and the canal to the infamous incomplete subway. Join Suess as he delves into the mystery and legacy of Cincinnati’s lost landmarks.

AAC 150 



AAC 150 spans the Art Academy of Cincinnati’s history from 1869–2019. The Art Academy began as the McMicken School of Drawing and Design, part of the University of Cincinnati, but joined with the Cincinnati Art Museum in 1884. Written by Jeff Suess and designed by AAC alumnus Steve Weinstein, AAC 150 features art of AAC students and alumni including Frank Duveneck, Charley Harper, John Ruthven, Petah Coyne, and Thom Shaw, with an original  comic strip on Yellow Kid cartoonist R.F. Outcault.

More than 350 historic photos and illustrations!

Spans 2 million years – mostly from 1776 to now!

Weighs more than 4 lbs.!

New in 2021!

New book!

Includes Super Bowl LVI

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