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When Disneyland opened in 1955, Tomorrowland re­flected Walt Disney’s optimism for a great big beautiful tomorrow with the promise of atomic age technology and everyday rocket trips to the moon. Then the present caught up to the future, so Walt had to tear it down and start again. To stay ahead, Tomorrowland has been upgraded and redefined for each new generation, from the New Tomorrowland in 1967 to the boldly different Discoveryland, and beyond.

In this history of Tomorrowland, you’ll see how Disney inspired America’s interest in going to space, how Walt’s futurism progressed from theme parks to his experimental community EPCOT, and why the search for a timeless tomorrow has shifted from science factual to the science-fiction worlds of Star Wars and Buzz Lightyear. Learn stories behind Space Mountain and other classic Tomorrowland attractions, plus gone but not forgotten favorites such as the House of the Future and Adventure Thru Inner Space, and see what the future holds for the world of tomorrow.

Tomorrowland: The Past, Present, and Future of Disney's Most Changed Land

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